Porcelain Dolls

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Victorian Porcelain Dolls

In the Victorian Era, the European and particularly the Parisian fashion dressmakers sent out small-sized beautiful porcelain dolls in an effort to share their latest creations. This was the most economic way to retrieve orders from the ladies in the colonies and the Americas.
These dolls had beautiful porcelain heads, arms and legs; they were dressed in the latest fashion styles. They were made very detailed and pretty as to entice the noble ladies, who then would place orders with the European fashion houses according to the doll sample. The garments would be made and then sent to them on the next shipment. The carefully made to scale dolls' clothes were beautiful and included every construction detail. The dressmakers were able to remove the clothes and use them as patterns, which they would then grade to the size of the individual customers. There is nothing quite like Victorian porcelain dolls to really show off a garment, and we still love the looks of these now collectible beautiful porcelain dolls.

Porcelain Dolls

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