Classic Pendulum Wall Clock
Classic Pendulum Wall Clock
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This model of clock is so named because it is designed to stay wound for up to 31 days, giving you the convenience of not having to wind the clock every day or risk having the clock stop at an inopportune moment.
These clocks are able to stay wound for such a long period of time because they feature a spring-driven movement, as opposed to traditional grandfather clocks which use their weights to drive the clockwork movement. Of course, Kassel 31-day grandfather clocks still feature weights in order to help give them the look of a more traditional clock even though the movement is spring-operated; don’t worry about these clocks not being “real” grandfather clocks, though, because they feature no batteries and the clock really does have a functioning pendulum that is essential to the clock’s functions.
Many Kassel longcase clocks feature a simple beauty that can’t be matched, and this simplicity follows from the case design to the chimes themselves.
Instead of using an elaborate chime that can make it difficult to tell exactly what time it is, Kassel clocks opt for a simple chiming of the hours to ring forth the time in a beautiful and clear tone.
An additional chime occurs at each half-hour, giving you another audio reminder of the time that isn’t going to cause an excess of noise throughout the day.
This 31-day clock is 30-3/4" tall, 12-1/4" wide and 5-3/4" deep. Limited one year warranty.
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