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Our company is located at the magnificent foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. We love history and we have a special passion for the Victorian era. To us the number one thing the Victorian era brings to mind is Romance. Transport yourself back in time when men were gentlemen, and women were ladies. This was a time when people walked together and talked with each other face to face. Spending time together with friends and family. Imagine having romantic picnics by a lake in the summer.

The time was in the midst of the industrial revolution and with that awakening came also a time of experiencing bold new ideas, elegance, sophistication, and the décor definitely reflected that. We have totally fallen in love with the type of furnishings that the Victorian era produced. There is Victorian decoration as in Victorian replica furniture, fine porcelain and grandfather clocks. We also carry great products in the Art Nouveau styles, such as fireplace screens, stained glass window panels and stunning Tiffany style lamps. You will find many other individual ornamental decorating pieces that made this era so unique in its lovely cluttered look.

We know that not everyone could afford the high prices that these types of original antique pieces would cost and it has been a passion for us to find beautiful replica, and most of them can be called art in their own rights. This is how we arrived here where we are and would like to share with you our mission.

  • We at VictorianDecorShop.com will bring to you the best quality at the most reasonable price.
  • We will continually search for new and exciting Victorian style furnishings for you to decorate your home, as well as adornments for yourself.
  • We will provide our customers with the very best customer service that we can offer.
  • You will be treated like family when you deal with us!

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