Victorian Decor and Victorian Accents

We are happy to offer you select pieces of Victorian decor, mainly Victorian home furnishings, Victorian renovating supplies and Victorian Home Accents. We strive to provide you with Victorian style home decor that are attractive and unique, home décor items that were fashionable then and are now, in the never-ending revival of the elegant Victorian decor style. Browse through our choice selection and find what you have been looking for!  


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Candle Lantern RomanceCandle Lantern Romance
Wine Holder StandWine Holder Stand
Candle Lantern Royal JewelsCandle Lantern Royal Jewels
Wine Bottle Wall RackWine Bottle Wall Rack
Antique Style Passage Set with Glass KnobsAntique Style Passage Set with Glass Knobs
Wall Side Table - Half Round White Distressed WoodWall Side Table - Half Round White Distressed Wood
Vintage Style Grand Central Wall ClockVintage Style Grand Central Wall Clock
Golden Glass Table Lamp, Stained GlassGolden Glass Table Lamp, Stained Glass
Romantic Floral Wall ClockRomantic Floral Wall Clock
Roses Stained Glass Window PanelRoses Stained Glass Window Panel
Wine Rack TableWine Rack Table
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The Story of the Victorian Era is fascinating

The Story of the Victorian Era is a fascinating, rich and a complex one. Great monumental changes took place during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 - 1901), which have many bizarre parallels with today. Popular interest in Victorian home furnishings and Victorian home accents which mirrored these changes, has boomed in recent decades, and Victorian style home decor and Victorian accents are once again fashionable.

Today? Victorian Era Decor Style?

Exclusively to Britain the term may sound, the Victorian decor and design is not unique to Britain. Many designers were successful aboard, both in Europe and North America. An awareness of style permeated every class of the Victorian homes. As perhaps expected, the majority of working class people in both Britain and America could not always afford to decorate and furnish their homes with new and fashionable products, and so the style mix of the then old (1700’s and older) and the then new (e.g. Art Nouveau styles) became to be one of the most charming furnishing mixes known.
At you will find gorgeous and lovely replica to give your home the uniqueness and warmth of the great Victorian Era. Browse through our great classic Tiffany style products. You will enjoy your stay and you will get great Victorian decorating ideas! ~ The soft feeling of days gone by and the lingering memories of grandmother's warm welcome home can now be yours to enjoy.